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11.24.2012 , 06:18 PM | #119
Average PvP'r here - still learning

I recognise the odd name in this thread and good on them for mastering the Craft of PvP, I have no doubt they have earnt it

just 1 question >>>

Why do the master players not step up more often and lead ? Is it just a case of, they have being doing it so long, and probably in other MMOS too so they cant really be assed, because many will not come back ? or similar ?

Few times now I have seen some of these names with very little comment pre and during game about tactics, strategy and the quick changes required in game ( I think tactical changes on the hop is vital on some maps), to make a scaving comment about what the team should have done once its over makes little sense to me

Im just gonna hang in there, until I have it down packed, but I have learnt most from players that understand the PvP side of the game when they make comments or I actually see them doing something