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OK I knew the Luke Fanboys would go without question into saying he'd own the firght but let me waste a little time into explaining this fight .

Rayla_Felana explained once that Meetra could use Force Sever in no time .
(And let me say this is not to attack Rayla but I just am taking her word on this for once or considering it for this fight)

Lets say the fight is not because of Good or Evil , lets go into this that Luke has no clue who Meetra is , lets go into this as fact is Luke rarely attacks first in fights that have not off the back threaten him .

Never in what I remember has Luke had Force Sever used on him .

So what happens if it does get used on him........??
Lets say hes still able to control his lightsabers the same without the force as a forceuser would with ........but none of his powers .

Suddenly Meetra has the upper hand ! Why would you ask ?
Well she also has Force Precognition and without being to use the force Luke wouldn't, so suddenly she can see move by move Luke's combat efforts and counter them .
She is also skilled in Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu if I remember correctly . So shes no push over in a fight .

I think Fanboyism got in the way of a honest Debat , maybe I caught of few of you with this surprise and maybe some of you are in disbelief of my awareness of this battle .

Reason I picked Meetra over Luke with the great knowing that Plot shield would never let him die or atleast in a contest like this is , Meetra while short lives was more of a Intresting Character than Luke .
She is not immortal , able to die , and possibly able not to win every fight .
This puts her leagues ahead in what I feel is a better character over Luke .
He might be Godlike but with Lucas gone , so might be is Plot sheild .

StarWars if you watched it like I did , had many main Characters able to carry the weight of the Movies/Books/Shows and games . Yes the Story surrounded Anakin and Luke , but Han , Leia , Chewy were largely just as much important and their characters helped make the movies great . I think in all honestly a StarWars Movie about a None ForceUser could be just as great if writen well .

Reason I picked Meetra over Revan in this fight is because of her Force Sever , I truely believe in a Honest Debat it would level if not put the battle field in her control which Revan would not be able to do .
EU Luke might be the Greatest ForceUser of all time , but his father had the ability to be the most POWERFUL forceuser of all time .............according to George Lucas ................if that matters still .

Thanks to the few who tried to make this a Honest Debat without leaping into the Luke Fanboyish side without atleast considering the possibility of Force Sever taking ahold.
Last I check Darth Caedus the murder of Luke's wife Mara Jade , died by his sister's hands ..................not Luke.
If Luke has no idea who Meetra Surik is, then, by your own rule, she has no idea who Luke is. So neither know the extent of the other's powers. Surik would not use her Sever ability right off the bat. She and Skywalker would try to feel each other out in the beginning. Even is she tried to use the Sever ability Luke would not only sense but would be able to stop her from casting it. IF she did get it off it would not have much of an affect as Luke would shield himself from it.

Face it, Force Sever is a last ditch effort to win a fight. Meetra would lose long before she realized she had to use the ability. Luke is so powerful that, again, Sever would not completly cut him off. I love Meetra, but even I know she can't win, Sever ability or not.