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I think the best way to deal with any controversy arising from this issue is to simply have the option to disable all flirt/romance options for character interaction for each individual character. If the flirt/romance option is disabled, then such options would simply not appear when your character is interacting with companions or NPC's. That would please those who want a strictly "family friendly" or "PG-rated" gaming experience, and would also please those who want a different type of gaming experience. The option to disable or enable flirt/romance options should be available to the character all the time, in case a player changes his mind during the game. The option could be automatically enabled as a default, and those who don't want it can simply go into the appropriate menu and disable it.

As for me, I'm rather enjoying playing my Jedi as strictly following the Jedi code, so I just simply ignore flirt;/romance options when they appear in character interactions with companions or NPC's.

ImperialSun has been trolling the thread for about a week now. Best to ignore them.

First, as far as "family friendly," this game has the equivalent of a PG-13 rating. The "family friendly" crowd seems to forget this. This is not a game for kids, and I would assume that most teens know about the LGBT community by now. With the torture, violence and outright cruelty available to the player character, this is no family friendly game, even though apparently violence is easier to explain. So they'll have to deal with the content as it goes and it will not get a higher rating than "T"/"PEGI 16+.

As far as any toggle/opt out goes, this is from the SGRA FAQ:

1) Why do you have the quote from the moderators on page 1?(aka the T-word)

The thread is not a place for the discussion of whether SGRAs should be added to the game (again, Bioware has already committed to them), or of a SGRA “toggle” or other method of turning off this content. The OP poll is outdated and no longer relevant to this thread. On March 13, the following statement was released by the mods:

Quote: Originally Posted by Moitteva
Discussion of the implementation of toggles to filter same gender romance options is considered discriminatory language and is neither appropriate nor allowed on the forums. Posts along this vein of discussion will be removed.
The forum rules regarding these sorts of toggles came about after several months of discussion. Over time, the general consensus was that it wasn't needed, and it was agreed upon that it was discriminatory. The best filter a player can have is their own judgement. If a player doesn't wish to return a [Flirt], they can always pick a different option.

The following quote is by David Gaider, one of the former lead writers of Bioware, and he worked on the Dragon Age series. He also wrote HK-47, Jolee Bindo and Carth Onasi for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Quote: Originally Posted by David Gaider
The "rights" of anyone with regards to a game are murky at best, but anyone who takes that stance must apply it equally to both the minority as well as the majority. The majority has no inherent "right" to get more options than anyone else.

So there's that. Those that want a safe family game free of awkward talks might want to rethink having their kids play ToR, same gender romances or no.

I think I overall said it best in another post, so I'm going to copy pasta an edited version here.

Other things I wanted to add:

Some of the stories, such as the SI, give the player many many chances to randomly shock people that irritate them. Seriously, some of them are basically, "What, you have shinier shoes than I?" [shock]. 50 DS pts. And that is just a very mild example of the random pointless cruelty that can happen in the game.

There's been two of the OGR romances I have done, and one I stopped.

Now, remember I mentioned aborting a romance arc. It was my first toon, my female SW.

I'll avoid character bashing here, which is better than I used to be. Anyhow, I had starting flirting with Quinn, but it didn't take long before the character kind of bored me. He didn't ask to flirt too much, in game he seemed too much of a brown-noser and was overly shy about returning my SW's advances. I frankly didn't think too much of it and I knew I could end the romance at any point as long as I wasn't silly enough to choose any sort of marriage proposal.


After that part of the story happens, I ended the romance. That didn't stop the flirts for about 2 more conversations though. I find it a little annoying, since I had already broken things off. However, I exercised the freedom the developers gave me.

I ignored him.

I really still don't like the character, I am still kinda ticked he's the only full romance option for females, and I was annoyed that it took a bit for the flirts to stop. Don't get me wrong, I would like more options for the lady SW (and other classes.) Pierce..isn't fair, and I would like to see Jaesa without rerolling.

PS: I've been playing a very LS Jedi (LS IV, 50 DS pts total, lvl 35) and she ended up doing a FTB with Cedrax. It was a calculated move. She knew Cedrax wouldn't commit and wanted to lose her virginity. When it ended, she just shrugged and went back to her current traditional Jedi ways.