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Having played a Commando Combat Medic up to level 42, I know that there are 2 types of Shadow/Assassin tanks: 1) the well-played tank Shadow/Assassin almost never needs healing and can pretty much take care of himself making my job really easy. 2) the poorly played Shadow/Assassin tank needs almost constant healing, dies several times despite your best efforts and generally causes the group a lot of frustration and inconvenience. Having just started an Assassin tank of my own, I definitely want to be type 1.

I really want any kind of tips/advice/suggestions/etc that you can offer. I've pretty much got my skill build worked out based on my research, but any help in that area is still much appreciated. Primarily I want to know what stats to gear for and what pieces in particular work best (PVP and PVE), what my rotation should be like, and I'd love any special tricks or tips anyone has to offer.

Note: I'm currently leveling a Shadow tank AS WELL AS an Assassin tank so any tips for either one are appreciated. I posted this thread in the Assassin forums because I'm focusing on that toon more than I am on my Shadow currently.

Ok, before anything, you need to l know with dark charge nerf, assassin tanks are no longer viable imo unless geared like heck at lower levels. They have barely more armor than a dps in heavy armor, self-heals got cut in half, and until you get deflection you lack any defensive cooldowns.

Furthermore, Dark Ward only gets good once you get access to some absorb, thats 27 or so for enhencements.

They pick up quickly then tough. So at low level no matter your skill, you'll be the tank requiring constant healing, altough with good damage.

My suggestion as things are right now is deception till 30 and respec then.