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OK I knew the Luke Fanboys would go without question into saying he'd own the firght but let me waste a little time into explaining this fight .

Rayla_Felana explained once that Meetra could use Force Sever in no time .
(And let me say this is not to attack Rayla but I just am taking her word on this for once or considering it for this fight)

Lets say the fight is not because of Good or Evil , lets go into this that Luke has no clue who Meetra is , lets go into this as fact is Luke rarely attacks first in fights that have not off the back threaten him .

Never in what I remember has Luke had Force Sever used on him .

So what happens if it does get used on him........??
Lets say hes still able to control his lightsabers the same without the force as a forceuser would with ........but none of his powers .

Suddenly Meetra has the upper hand ! Why would you ask ?
Well she also has Force Precognition and without being to use the force Luke wouldn't, so suddenly she can see move by move Luke's combat efforts and counter them .
She is also skilled in Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu if I remember correctly . So shes no push over in a fight .

I think Fanboyism got in the way of a honest Debat , maybe I caught of few of you with this surprise and maybe some of you are in disbelief of my awareness of this battle .

Reason I picked Meetra over Luke with the great knowing that Plot shield would never let him die or atleast in a contest like this is , Meetra while short lives was more of a Intresting Character than Luke .
She is not immortal , able to die , and possibly able not to win every fight .
This puts her leagues ahead in what I feel is a better character over Luke .
He might be Godlike but with Lucas gone , so might be is Plot sheild .

StarWars if you watched it like I did , had many main Characters able to carry the weight of the Movies/Books/Shows and games . Yes the Story surrounded Anakin and Luke , but Han , Leia , Chewy were largely just as much important and their characters helped make the movies great . I think in all honestly a StarWars Movie about a None ForceUser could be just as great if writen well .

Reason I picked Meetra over Revan in this fight is because of her Force Sever , I truely believe in a Honest Debat it would level if not put the battle field in her control which Revan would not be able to do .
EU Luke might be the Greatest ForceUser of all time , but his father had the ability to be the most POWERFUL forceuser of all time .............according to George Lucas ................if that matters still .

Thanks to the few who tried to make this a Honest Debat without leaping into the Luke Fanboyish side without atleast considering the possibility of Force Sever taking ahold.
Last I check Darth Caedus the murder of Luke's wife Mara Jade , died by his sister's hands ..................not Luke.
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