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Thanks for this. I was waiting for this since you started with Force powers.

Wall of Light, which seems to be connected with Sever Force, but not completely the same, raises another interesting question: Freedon Nadds spirit was able to block Exar Kun's use of/connection to the light side. Could this be the dark side version of this power, something like Wall of Darkness? Or, at least, based on it?
I'm not sure. I've never heard of a "Wall of Darkness". I would assume that it was Sever Force, which acts in a similar way. Sever Force is a power shared by Light and Dark, while Wall of Light is temporary as the Jedi can choose when to let it down. It is possible, if Freedon Nad had the knowledge of the ability and the power to use it. But it could also just be his spirit blocking his access to the Light Side.
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