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11.24.2012 , 04:21 PM | #42
Thanks to the "excellent patchingwork" from Bioware I lost today;Redoubt Reinforced Armguards(blue);Redoubt Savant Bracers(Blue);Redoubt Synth Assault Belt(Purple);Overkill Synth Assault Handgear(Purple);Critical Assault Handgear(Purple). As far as I know , and I can say for myself that I have a wide experience in MMO's, Bioware is
so far the only firm I know who manages with each patch(remember 1.4) to make the game worse than before. Is there nobody from these guys who followes these forums? Especially because this "bug" is a VERY SERIOUS ONE? Acting as there is nothing wrong ( ignoring tickets,forum) is in my (humble) opinion a slap in the face of the PAYING