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The fact that you believe you don't mitigate damage on TFB stages 2 and 3 makes this post even more laughable.

When you are going to collect data to support your opinion you could at a minimum do the fights correctly.
In fairness, the topic has come up in other threads, and KN has been made aware that you can tank on the lower level and mitigate most of TFB's attacks during the 2nd and 3rd phases.

The thread was not updated to reflect that, however.

What I'm more curious to see is why, based on his statistical model, the proc-absorb relic went from "must have" to "also ran" with WH Defense and proc heal. I'm curious if there's an oversight in terms of residual benefit when the primary reason to use either relic becomes moot (e.g. tanking Zorn, Stormcaller, Jarg, etc.) or severely degraded (e.g. Kephess the Undying).