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11.24.2012 , 03:47 PM | #115
Reactivating this thread

-Varlan(worth any two slinger/snipers to me)
-Labby/Zanshiri( /lick )

- Treyice(love fighting this guy)
- Deathangel(recently returned, already loving)


-Shiroyasha(get more gear please )

-Jimbo(possible up and comer *shrug*)


-Aetheriuss(need to train him a little I suppose. Talent there)

-Charmabeast(doing better as of late)
-Angelol(w/e his merc name is, I forgot)

list is small and that's mostly cuz I judge from skill/gameplay instead of dmg/heals done or you just weren't on my mind at the time or i havent played you in ages. updates will come