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No, quit being stubborn and narrow minded. Proper matchmaking would make it less likely, but not impossible for Pug Vs Premade to happen, it won't alleviate the issue. You don't seem to understand the situation. All it takes is 1 horribly one sided, terribly frustrating game to repel players away, permanently. Split queues are crucial and undeniably necessary for long term success and prosperity of PvP, without it we will lose more and more casual and/or new players that have a horrible first time or common experience in PvP. With Cross Realm, population and queue times would not be an issue. There would be absolutely no reason to not implement 2 separate queues. Your pretense of longer queue times dissipates as the Cross Realm population would be massive. The only benefit to keeping merged queues at that point would be to aggravate the vast majority of your player base with the occasional and possibly common mismatched and unfair match.
My concern, outside of the queue time problem which cross servers would alleviate, is partial pre-mades and back filling for when someone DCs. A comprehensive matchmaking system is already admitted to be needed, and part of that could easily include a modifier if you're in a group. The real problem are the fully optimized premades of people who would be doing ranked if they could. They're the ones that steam roll people. The premades of friends in average gear aren't the problem.

Should the system try to put premades against premades? Absolutely. Should it hold up a 3 man premade because there aren't enough premades of the right numbers composition to get them a spot? That seems silly. Plus it adds a complexity to the coding problem.

First two are absolutely necessary. If premades are still crushing PuGs at that point we can revisit the issue.
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