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11.24.2012 , 03:23 PM | #3278
I think the best way to deal with any controversy arising from this issue is to simply have the option to disable all flirt/romance options for character interaction for each individual character. If the flirt/romance option is disabled, then such options would simply not appear when your chatacter is interacting with companions or NPC's. That would please those who want a strictly "family friendly" or "PG-rated" gaming experiance, and would also please those who want a different type of gaming experience. The option to disable or enable flirt/romance options should be available to the character all the time, in case a player changes his mind during the game. The option could be automatically enabled as a default, and those who don't want it can simply go into the appropriate menu and disable it.

As for me, I'm rather enjoying playing my Jedi as strictly following the Jedi code, so I just simply ignore flirt;/romance options when they appear in character interactions with companions or NPC's.