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"or just taken a huge risk and simply defied that directive"

You are seriously saying that the community team should have directly defied what is potentially a corportate / strategic decision, made at board / seniour management level....just to placate you personally?

I suggest that it is possible that they could. Rather than taking your stance that obedience to the rules is the only applical guide to ethics, I follow a school of thought which observes that rules and laws can in some cases be wrong and that, in such circumstances, an individual must be governed by personal conscience. This can hold true even within the limited sphere of professional responsibilities, if one is given a directive at variance with one's overall duty.

I cannot and do not say what other people ought to discover when consulting their own conscience. I cannot even say that this is such a situation, because we have been told nothing about it. But I do say that if it is such a circumstance, and if conscienteous reflection results in finding that a directive is harmful to the interests of the game and its community, that one should do what one believes to be right, regardless of penalty.

Further, I would posit that if one's livelihood is at risk from doing what one believes to be right, then one does not yet have one's right livelihood. To summarize then, I don't think they should do this to placate me or anyone else. I suggest that they should do it if, in their understanding of the situation, it is the right thing to do.

Is that serious enough for you, or do I need to cite sources and footnotes from the five thousand years human minds have been weighing the idea of ethical conduct?

Also, why are you still here trolling this thread?