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Well, maybe you should take into consideration of the changes that are done to keep the pvp'ers quiet, considering that most, if not all cause the pve part of the game to be negatively affected by it.

For example, the stuns of all the classes, it might have made sense for pvp, but for pve, its just a horrid change, especially for the more ranged ACs.

This is why i tend to avoid pvp, if you do well, your class gets nerfed, because the loser moans and moans, until the changes are made to shut them up.....bioware needs to not do that
Are you kidding?

First of all, there's a few guilds on my server that are clearing all the PVE content that is out currently, and I know for a fact that at least 2 of them run with a balanced group- so, if you're having issues in PVE then it's skill to blame.

PVP is a huge part of this game and when you get SO many people complaining about the SAME thing, it NEEDS to be changed. I have played two classes regularly up until a couple of weeks ago: a Seer Sage and a Focus Guardian. I stopped playing the Guardian for the same reason I stopped playing my PT a while back- it stopped being fun completely crushing multiple enemies without having to even think about it. I was on the phone with my gf while I went to a node and 1v3'd these Imps and took it- regardless of their skill, that should NEVER happen even with my full attention, let alone while I'm thinking of groceries we need at the house.

As for my Sage- I love healing. I love kiting. I have been playing my Sage long enough to be very good at kiting. Against Sorcs, Assassins, Snipers, Ops and Mercs I have no trouble healing others while I kite them; and a couple of those classes I don't really have to worry much about having to kite. When it comes to PTs, Maras and Smash Juggs coming after me, I can do nothing BUT kite them while I heal myself. because I can't cleanse the PTs spammable slow, they give me the most problem- but for the most part I can stay alive as long as it's just them on me. When it comes to a Mara or Jugg, they aren't that big of a deal- I know their mechanics well enough to blow my sprint at the right time and cleanse when I need to and I'm okay with their damage on single targets. but this all comes down to one thing: Smash. The fact that they have a skill that can hit me- a fully optimized, min/max'd WH Sage (with 2 pieces of EWH mods/enh) for nearly 7k while simultaneously hitting 4 others for the same, it's something that can't be healed through.

And it's not like every team I face has one of these monsters, it's 3 to 5 on EVERY team. I am in one of the top ranked PVP guilds on my server, and at times we have found ourselves in a regular WZ with a double premade (granted it's just a random 8 of us and not a refined group we would take into a RWZ) and have been utterly obliterated because we're facing a team of 5+ Smashers that our best healers can't handle.

When I get a guard in a game, I have to make clear to them that if a Smash beast is on me, they are not allowed to try peeling them because having my guard in melee range of me means that they are in smash range of them and they end up taking incredible damage (6.5k+another 3k from the guard).

So, don't come here and tell us that we're ************ and moaning over some non-issue and that your poor mindless PVE will be ruined over an AoE nurf. this is a major issue that I have seen 3 people stop playing over- one of which was a Sentinel that just doesn't find it fun to be so OP. Like I said, I stopped playing my Guardian for the same reason, and I'm on the brink of quitting my healer because of how stupid this whole thing is.