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The last couple days i have been attacked but i still showed as out of combat, i could even med, has happened alot of times over the past 2 days, is this a known bug? A couple of times i took advantage of it then i stopped cause it felt wrong lol
Combat state has been buggy since launch. You have the DoTs that stay on you after you die in a WZ. You have the fact that you remain "in combat" forever 1/2 the time in a WZ even if you know the person you were fighting died. These are probably related, they are sitting there in spawn with your dot still ticking on them, so you are in combat for 20 seconds with no one around you in the WZ...

The best though is when you are out of combat, with no dots and no one around, and all of a sudden you are in combat. This cracks me up when I am on a speeder in Civil War, 1/2 way down to the WZ my guy will just randomly stand up on the speeder, and draw his lightsaber...
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