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11.24.2012 , 12:26 PM | #150
1. Server- The Ebon Hawk
2. Characters- Aribella, Annadar, Rosali, Kylia, Kyliť (basically all the toons I play regularly)
3. Frequency- at least 2-3 times per hour, probably a minimum of 10 times/day (depending on the length of time I play).
4. When I go to load anything- pvp, flashpoints, loading my ship, loading planets, opening my bags, opening the GTN is when it crashes. It's not every time I do those things, but whenever it crashes, it's trying to load something. I didn't have this issue before patch 1.4. After 1.4 is when it started crashing to desktop frequently.


7. Yes, it is a crash to desktop issue. SWTOR will completely close out on me, not kicking back to server select screen.