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I'd be a lot happier if the developers tweaked PA to, instead of reset the CD, simply extend the duration of the effect to 10-12 seconds and reduce the cost of Project by some amount (25-50%). Infiltration has the right idea as to how a good Project talent should operate: CS>CS>Proj reduces the cost of Project by 50% and increases the damage by 30%, increasing Project's base efficiency by a factor of 2.6. PA simply provides an improvement of 50% (since it's not like a Shadow tank should be stacking surge at all).
QFT. Changes to PA to make it actually worthwhile would be very, very welcome.

The only question remaining is whether it is worthwhile to switch to the hybrid-PA rotation for a single cycle following FP in TkT to get the added damage from the FP+PA proc Project/Shock. Clearly not from a HPS standpoint, but the damage boost is not insignificant (100% rather than 50%). It might be worth a temporary reduction in HPS.
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