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Ballcarriers thinking they can score on their own despite being halfway across the map and getting flooded by enemies, not passing to others when they're clearly about to die, ballcarriers not passing to stealthers who are literally jumping in the air for them to pass but fail to do so (yes, that stealther is me, it's extremely annoying when it happens).

And a few days ago it was ACW, I told everyone the usual tactic of '2-5-1' (2 cap East, 5 go cap mid, I go see if I can ninja West). And when we've all landed our speeders I see 4 (yes that's right, 4) going East. Funnily enough we won if I remember correctly.
I have always disliked CW for that very reason - everyone thinks they have 'the goods' for the cap. With NC, you can at least tell people that only two are needed for cap/guard with a few moments to spare, but CW often does not afford that. Even standing on the dropship, people will call out 'going left', , another calls out 'will intercept', and they STILL get 2 or 3 others following them to the turret. Then I get stuck in the middle turret with one or two others, overwhelmed by five or six people. On level 50, it's often a matter of just doing my dailies and then going to an alt to do something - anything - else to get away from that mentality.

In a similar vein (and to get the post back to a FP orientation), I have alts languishing waiting to get decent groups for flashpoints - because it seems the overall average of the population has taken a precipitous dive in regards to knowing what's needed for flashpoints. I understand not knowing what's required - everyone needs to learn at some point, and there's always a first time. It's the people who refuse to learn or to 'play nice' that will ultimately define the F2P crowd.