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11.24.2012 , 10:27 AM | #1143
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthFamine View Post
make it so ranked teams cant que for normals while in que for ranked

I think the gear fix coming in 1.6 will help alot of this issue
You realize that would cuase them to give up on a rated que poping much sooner than they currently do which would mean less total rared matches which means more rated capable players in the regular wzs?

Oh and I'd just like to debunk the whole "we have a 100+ page thread so clearly this is a huge issue for SWTOR and deserves a dev comment." The same people arguing back and forth makes a thread longer without doing anything to prove that more people actually care about the issue.

And finally, less cries for mediocraty please. Rise up to the level of the existing competition, don't ask for the rules to change so that you can be king of your own battlefield.