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They better give me a refund for all the WZ coms I spent on Battlemaster.

IA Field Tech Battlemaster looks epic, but the IA WH is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Totally ruins the awesome effect my Sniper has.
Not going to happen

Your character will not lose Battlemaster gear, you can still pvp with it. WH Will cost what BM costs now so you can buy that and the ranked comms you have can be used for Elite WH.
If you do not like how WH gear looks take out the mods and put them into your BM gear.

Also I laugh at all the comms you spent on battlemaster. I've gotten Battlemaster with tokens that might or might not drop from the daily/weekly bags or could be bought for 1000wz/1000merc comms. And you didn't even get as much warzone comms back then.
Try getting WH gear on a server that is near death. After server mergers try optimizing your WH gear. And after 1.4 or 1.5 try optimizing your gear with EWH mods from offhands that cost 2000 WZ comms for the WH piece and then 3475 RWZ comms for each EWH piece.
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