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This is a shame, because it implies that a major proc in the Kinetic/Darkness tree is useless. The reason for this seems to be the cost on Project/Shock, which is insanely high. If PA/Energize reduced the cost of Project/Shock (perhaps down to 25-30) instead of finishing the CD, it would suddenly become a dramatic benefit, boosting DPS/TPS without affecting HPS at all.
This has always been one of my problems with Project/Shock. It costs *way* too much Force for what it ends up doing as a baseline attack, especially considering it's on a CD. By default, Project does about as much damage as Double Strike, even factoring in Double Strike's chance to miss, but costs, as a net loss in resources per GCD, slightly more than 3 times as much as Double Strike. The only real "benefit" it gains, by default, is the ability to stun standards and weaks. If Project didn't provide HS stacks, I doubt Shadow tanks would use it at all, even with PA and Bombardment, since it's so magnificently bad in Threat Per Force. Balance Shadows shouldn't even be using it because Twin Disciplines doesn't provide a substantial enough buff to actually justify Project's cost. The only Consular spec that *does* have an appreciable use for Project (other than a simple "cast on the run" for Sages that is only useful because they don't have any others) is Infiltration and that's almost entirely because they drastically reduce the cost of it, such that it *doesn't* cost an arm and a leg *and* gets a substantial increase in damage dealt.

While I think Shadows/Asssassins are one of the best designed classes overall, I honestly believe that Project/Shock is one of the least sensibly designed abilities in the game, from a balance perspective. It has a CD and an inordinately high cost, but it really has no redeeming factors to make up for those 2 aspects thanks to low damage, a standard range (10m for Shadows, 30m for Sages), and a stun on targets that, honestly, you don't really need the stun on.

I'd be a lot happier if the developers tweaked PA to, instead of reset the CD, simply extend the duration of the effect to 10-12 seconds and reduce the cost of Project by some amount (25-50%). Infiltration has the right idea as to how a good Project talent should operate: CS>CS>Proj reduces the cost of Project by 50% and increases the damage by 30%, increasing Project's base efficiency by a factor of 2.6. PA simply provides an improvement of 50% (since it's not like a Shadow tank should be stacking surge at all).
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