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11.24.2012 , 06:27 AM | #3273
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If there's a gag order, the chances are they can't even tell us that there is a gag order.

So, the old saw goes - don't presume malice where stupidity (or bureaucracy) would suffice.
Yes, I've been trying to assume stupidity, but at this point* Bioware would have entered some sort of low-IQ induced coma and that's simply disturbing.

Really, the level of stupid detachment at this point would be reading Uluain's list of Things We Want To Know and saying "I don't know what they want!"

Also, the gag order would be like a mini version of the super injunctions we (used to?) have: not allowed to talk about the existence of the super injunction because that's also illegal.

*Not only talking about SGRA's here, take a look at the rest of the issues with the game.