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I healed this with my Smuggler in Tionese, gear and BM relics. I think I had 2 pieces Columi.
Ok there was a Sage with 61 Campaign gear which helped with his high damage, but the other 2 peeps wer pretty normal. This was done in 0 wipes accept one for the tank in the first mini boss.

A couple weeks ago I also healed it without a proper tank, Shadow with full Damage gear (hybrid spec) he was going down like a sponge. We wiped twice, one in Robot, and the Doctor i.e. last boss. My Smuggler gear is at the moment Columi, Rakata, and BH belts and bracers.

Poeple give a lot of weight to healers in this FP in HM but the truth is that damage is very important especially in the 2 hard bosses.
As a healer you have to remember that if you keep the group up till they enrage you are doing a pretty good job for that matter, and it also means that damage is the problem.
Damage is very important in the robot and Doctor Leric enconuter.
If Doctor Leric does not become a big Raghoul (3rd phase) before 3 tanks destroyed your damage is not so good. OTOH if he becomes the Raghoul in flames in 2 tanks means damage is good.
Many times I encounter people for this who cannot do enough damage for it, even with proper gear.
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