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Every good team opens with pred when a match starts because it determines the winner usually. Teams use it for reinforcing nodes too. It's THAT useful. Pred is literally a game changer. It's well worth the usage of frenzy.

You can't call a class the most balanced and then claim that abilities they have need nerfing. The most balanced class is actually snipers.

Guardians, sins, and ops are also melee, but don't have as much def cds as maras, nor as high dps. What's your excuse this time?

What exactly is high risk about playing a mara? You try playing any of the other melee classes? Dps scoundrels, and non hybrid sins. Those are high risk, high reward classes.

So on top of the damage (second only to PTs), their surv (the best), they also have amazing/best utility. So if they're the best, or almost best, at everything, how can you say they aren't OP.

They no longer be a class that is REQUIRED to bring to every RWZ team. Nerfing the class won't break them in RWZs. If you want to keep their dps, then they need a nerf to surv (be like PTs), or if you want surv, then nerf their dps (closer to sins).
I see it's pointless trying to convince you, as you absolutely refuse looking at other classes ups and downs, but cling to whine about the same things over and over.

It's no possible way for me to clarify this more than I have already done, and continuing this discussion is pointless at best.

Side note: I said, they are the most balanced class SAVE <etc> that means "BESIDES" those abilities. Other synonyms are: Except, not taking in consideration, if you look away from"