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Hi Party Time Wakalord Flex Guildmaster here from the Bastion server. Though people continue to espouse the death of ToR's PvP if last night was any indication, the Bastion is certainly an exception to the rule. My guild "Hey im mvp", widely considered to be one of the best PvP guilds on the server, queued for about six hours last night. Tons of pops, lots of dramatic games.

I recorded this string of games as a supplement to my in-depth guide on the Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadow and general high level PvP strategy. The guide, which is work-in-progress, can be located here:

The broadcast speaks for itself. There's a ton of content here and while I don't expect anyone to watch it all, there's plenty of entertainment and education to be had. I hope you enjoy!
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...and the only person who doesn't think so is some B-team assassin DPS who is just dragging his team down by playing the incorrect spec.