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Enough already. Maras don't have

- knockbacks

- Real stun (except only for droids). Our AOE stun breaks on damage, and if we do Force Choke, we can't do anything else.

- Due to everyone else having knockbacks\Force Push gap closer is almost useless. We use Jump - we got knocked back AND rooted. Awesome.

Leave us alone. If you want to nerf someone, SI is the class you are looking for.
Normally, I defend Marauders/Sents from unreasonable nerf attacks, but you aren't really helping.

PTs, Operatives and Marauders don't have knockbacks. Juggernaut KB is single target and it has a relatively long c/d.

2-sec stun isn't as useful as you're making it out to be. I prefer Awe over it any day.

You do not charge straight at the person (unless it's really justified). You lure the knockback from them, then charge in. On Warzones, it's pretty easy on foot. Camo also helps. And no, it's not an escape maneuver. Each time I see some FOTM player use it pad their cowardly retreat, I want to cut them down myself. Camo is an excellent initial gap-closer, offensive cast-breaker, or channel-breaker.
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