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11.24.2012 , 03:04 AM | #236
Well, I stand corrected regarding force charge.

Also, sure, you can say we have predation, but you need 30 stacks to use it. So unless you use a 3min CD you won't have any possibility to open with it. AND in turn it will shut down your heals and severely blurt your damage, seeing as you won't have berserk.

Marauder is probably the most balanced class save the short CD on force camo and the immense damage of force smash.

If Powertech was melee, sure, they'd have more defensive CDs, but they aren't.

Again, it annoys me that it's the same 3-4 qq'ers posting about marauders, and I have yet to see any of you bring anything new to this dicsussion over the 20 pages. At this point I can't do anything but repeat myself:
Marauder is a melee, high risk high return class. If you get KB'ed after force charge / when your cloak of pain is up then the skill is completely wasted. Same for the four sec of undying rage. Saber Ward and Force camo are the only reliable CDs.

Another thing about marauders is their amazing utility, and I myself find their gameplay much more interesting than the other classes, you have to make mid battle choices for your fury, there's always something going on for a mara, and it's the easiest class to play decent, but definitely one of the hardest classes to master if you ask me.

I can't really do anything other than repeating to you how useless a marauder would be in high end pvp if their defensive CDs were nerfed to the ground as you suggest, sure, maras are excellent 1v1, but that is what they are meant for.

They are supposed to cap that node quickly, they have an excellent kit to get over there fast (if you are willing to use a 3 min cd, or just got out of combat without spending stacks) but they are so vulnreable to CC in so many ways. And to be honest, even though smash is strong, it's not as if it's hard to dodge.

So to conclude, the only points I can really see myself agreeing on is the longer CD on force camo and toning down smash. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind decreasing max duration of cloak of pain down to 25, seeing as it's friggen hard to get it to last 30 sec vs any competent player. Last note: Every class got their own strengths and weaknesses, knowing your own class, and knowing your kit and be able to use it is a great start when you are going to PvP.