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Here we go with another Power Techs have less survivability and utility rant, that's a load of crap. They may not have a lot of survivability but they sure do have . . .
- A 2 second AOE Stun that DOESN'T BREAK ON DAMAGE and another 4 second one.
- A pull
- Taunts
- And are not limited to 4ms of range to deal there dps.
Dude you just contradicted yourself. You just said that "PTs have less surv and utility rants are a load of crap", but then say they don't have a lot of surv. Get it together mang.

It's a fact of matter that PTs have less surv and utility than maras. Pull is only REALLY useful in huttball. It's also not unique to them. Same with taunts, two other classes have it too, and honestly taunts are kinda of pointless for PTs since they are almost always the first to get attacked in RWZs.

Maras have predation. Predation is NECESSARY to win in RWZ. Their other group buffs are also quite useful in the right situations too.