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So let's analyze this, you say there are no competitive PvPers and call her your fan girl, stalker, whatever, yet you specifically targeted her who is not only a healer, but whom you've already made yourself look like a complete fool against with something as simple as flash bang and at the same time this "Tunnel Visioning" Operative Healer is part of what I consider the most competitive guild on the server (Casual) and regardless of any guild that have come to contest them in the past, currently holds the title of the"Number 1 PVP guild" on the server so to speak, followed by HSP, RSU, OiG (Not specifically in that order) yet you claim there are no competitive PvPers left? No Vega, the competitive PvPers just don't want to be around you because not only your lack of knowledge, but your unrefined assessment of a woman you've never met and her play style. I'm not sure what gave you this idea that she was bad, but skill and numbers speak for them self, and I don't see any top guilds rushing to invite you for rateds, however she is actually in and I quote, the "Number 1 PvP guild" on the server, doing rateds, but your feeble attempt to bash her is just going to reflect on your own short comings(Oops that's another small ***** joke)

Now let's talk about you airing things in public, what in your deluded world suddenly made you decide to air you opinions of a top tier rated ops healer on the forum? Surely you know by now that you're losing less and less time to save face, but let's keep going shall we? I respect you have your personal reasons whatever they may be for not wanting to discuss your time and departure from HSP, but before you make a wild claim about not only a player, but a class you clearly know nothing about other than stun lock and flame burst (Please don't quote me on that to retort, it will only make this more painful) Do the necessary research to come up with an accurate assessment.

As for your "fan girl" I'll say it again, since you clearly don't know how to properly reply. It doesn't take much for someone in a guild to ask about a specific person and guild mixed reviews and replies of said person if the question was asked "Who is this scrub calling me bad?" within a guild chat or mumble, most likely Casual's guild chat or mumble, but having people over 2k rating must mean competitive PvP is dead. if that's true let me ask you a question Vega, when you're done smacking the 3 incher and you got on your 12 inch pedestal, exactly what do you do when you queue for a Warzone? As a matter of fact what do all of us do when we queue for a Warzone? My impression is that we're going to enter a Player vs. Player environment in order to "Compete" with other players, so by your standards, rateds may not have many competitive PvPers going against the big boys, but it's clear that every day, 24/7 players are competing against each other, but please elaborate on what the mighty VicVega views as "Competitive PvPers" I eagerly await your reply.
You sure like to bring up 3"ers a lot, I mean this is multiple posts where you just have type it multiple times. I am a little worried about you and your 3" *****. Oh crap, this is contagious, now I am thinking about 3" *****!!! Do you see what you did there? Stop spreading your three inch ***** propaganda.

BTW I was on HSP's A team that has beaten said #1 on several occasions. Also, flashbang wasn't mentioned by me, I was referring to the area nades, I rarely saw her flashbang, cuz well, yah she;s a healer tunnel visions. But, please continue CSaH.