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Obviously if you ignore half the things your class is able to do you can pretend it's a balanced class- but anyone who isn't stupid is looking at you guys and saying 'well, another marauder who's completely full of ********.'.

Every single thread on this topic has marauders saying the same wrong things- maybe the reason you guys feel mara are balanced is because you're all absolutely terrible? Oh, not maybe- that is the reason, and it's obvious when you can never get your own abilities right.
Enough already. Maras don't have

- knockbacks

- Real stun (except only for droids). Our AOE stun breaks on damage, and if we do Force Choke, we can't do anything else.

- Due to everyone else having knockbacks\Force Push gap closer is almost useless. We use Jump - we got knocked back AND rooted. Awesome.

Leave us alone. If you want to nerf someone, SI is the class you are looking for.
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