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I have a problem with some of the lightside/darkside chooses as a whole... I don't know how many times I've sent prisoners off to imperial torture cells because killing them was 'darkside'.

I play empire now, but I started out republic and got irritated with just how hypocritical they are IMO. Which I actually love. Got to say the Imperial propaganda's pretty good, my lightside SI get's treated so much better than my Jedi ever did.

But I feel "darkside" options in most games are pretty lame, there's little reasoning behind, just evil for the sake of evil. And if your playing a sociopath I guess that's fine. I ran into that problem in Fable 3 when I decided to play the evil plot, but I'd never be mean to my chef when given the option. I'm just not gonna fart in the face of the man who cooks my food.
^ ^ This. I feel the same way about most of the dark side options. I know the common thought is that Sith kill everything in their path but I tend to think they act more from ambition and desire for power. That means picking up some allies and tools along the way to be used later, in my book. I play mostly LS and noticed the same thing that several LS choices for the Sith Warrior does not = good things for the recipient. Clean kill, bad. Long term torture in the hands of Imp Intelligence or an information crazy Darth, good.