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11.23.2012 , 11:31 PM | #4
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I think you mean our CC break ability? This is an intresting concept, but I think this would essentially make CC useless, might be worth a try, but I think fixing resolve would solve alot of the CC related issues in PvP.
I have to say i do not think it would make CC useless but it would make it matter when you used it, and would penalize those that use stuns foolishly.

[/QUOTE]The recruit Mark 2 is close enough to BM gear now that this would not achieve much except eliminating a minor part of the PvP gearing experience, of which the BM "grind" is already not much to speak of .[/QUOTE]

I disagree here. There is a very large gap between recruit and battlemaster gear. The current grind to battlemaster sucks because so many in WZ's have alot or are full WH.

But i do like that we are discussing these things