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It's difficult for me to seek a new guild. I've been with my current Guild for atleast 8 years. I joined them early on in SWG. They no longer log onto SWTOR. I Believe they all moved to GW2. I'm more of the SciFi gamer type.

I'm 40 years old, I work a rotating swing shift of 4 on 4 off. So my play times are all times depending on when I work.
I have 3 level 50's and 4 others various levels.
Aevas 50 Bounty Hunter DPS spec
Braxas 50 Sith Inquisitor DPS spec
AKD 50 Knight Tank spec
Kevag 36 Operative <------ SWG Starsiders players my remember this guy. He was my Bot at the Janta Village.
Kaevax 16 Warrior
Heilex 1 Smuggler
Sivez another Warrior my Son plays

I've tried my Luck at Healing but I'm just no Good at it. I may Respec my Inquisitor back to healer some day but I did not like it.
I recently with the HK quests have found the need for Guilds again. I was lost in the Stories of Leveling but I have found I like running the Flashpoints and Daily missions.
So if anyone knows of a Guild that Does it all, wants adult players I'd like to know who to contact or you can contact me. If Im not Trying to get HK on Aevas, I still need the last component its been hard to get groups. I'll be leveling up Kevag, I love that agent story!
This may not be True Resume format but I just wanted to throw some info out there.