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11.23.2012 , 10:44 PM | #74
I'm getting REALLY TIRED of paying for others to play for free. I have over $500 invested in this game if you count my limited edition keyboard and mouse and now, starting with f2p release i cant get on and stay on. I waited 2hrs to get on my server. In the last week I've been kicked of 3 times and im done. One more time and I will throw this game away and go to Guild Wars full time or hell I may go back to W.O.W. At least they don't pull this crap. F2P players need to be resticted from the high volume servers, they just get more and more full and the standard volume servers stay standard, get the f2p out of our server ! I was your biggest advocate BioWare. You've all but lost me. One more time and I swear I'm gone and I'll tell anyone who asks and alot more who don't how terrible this experience is now. FIX IT NOW!!!!!