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11.23.2012 , 10:05 PM | #1
Hello my Bounty Hunter brothers!
First off i'd like to thank the community for being quick to help out new comers like myself to SWTOR!
For a long time i played Star Wars Galaxies, It was the first MMO that i fell in love with and I loved it up until the NGE hit and my server Lowca (r.i.p) became a ghost town. I preordered the CE edition of SWTOR and when it finally came out i never had a chance to play it, I had just become a first time father, started a career and was finishing up college.. I had a lot on my plate
2 weeks ago i finally had free time and a new PC so naturally my instinct was to install SWTOR!
Here I am, new to the game and loving it! great community and so far everyone i have met in game has helped me with any new questions etc.
I really want to get into PvP i Joined the Prophecy of Five server and currently i am a level 26 Powertech Bounty Hunter. I know this question has probably been asked but i need to ask it again. What abilities would help me the most in PvP? has anything changed since the F2P was released?
Currently i am aiming for this:

Is that still viable for PvP and PvE? what essential skills should i focus on?

Thank you again for reading this far and for whatever help and advice you choose to write!
Good Hunting!!