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11.23.2012 , 09:38 PM | #71
Here is a question that I hope that we can get answered. How is it that the West Coast servers don't have the same parity/number of servers that the East Coast servers have? I noticed this for the first time on the second time that Harbinger went down. I do understand that EA needed to consolidate their servers to be profitable (as much as possible) but I do not understand why the West Coast has a less number of servers. When this question is being answered please do not tell me that population count was a consideration as this happened before the F2P came into effect and should have been accounted for in the decision making process. When you have a complex server farm that is used in the MMO universe (WOW, SWTOR, PlanetSide 2) you always over build to handle the influx of temporary/free to play/trail players so you don't affect the gameplay of the paying players. Was this an upper management decision or an IT team decision?