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And then as people took exception to your millionth jab at Revan, you pulled your normal I know everything, my opinion is canon routine. And you wonder why people get annoyed. Yeah, it's a real mystery.
I can easily pick out ten characters that take Revan any day of the week in the powers and abilities category, it's as easy as that, honestly.

Oh and I pull an I know everything routine? really? so instead of going 'I think' in a CANON debate I stated that by the rules of this thread, canonically Revan doesn't get into the top ten at all, I'm being a know-it-all and claiming my OPINION in a thread about CANON FACTS, is being represented as canon? there is no opinion, you can have an opinion so far as to where there isn't concrete canon evidence to suggest 'A, B or C', beyond that it is a fruitless and nonsensical move to try and argue an opinion in a canonical debate.

Take that in whatever way pleases or displeases you, frankly I'm at the point of not caring any longer. Anyway I believe I am contradicting my earlier statement, so I will leave this post as is.