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11.23.2012 , 09:32 PM | #4
It does seem when Harbinger gets FULL it crashes and then the rest of the servers get FULL when people log in to them after being aborted. Look at Asia and Europe, not much use at all. Like it or not I'd throw another west coast and east coast PVE server in the mix. PVP is not as popular and can stand on their own for now. RP servers are very heavy but not FULL yet.

Harbinger is down right now. Bergeren went up to FULL, folks are getting frustrated and playing a different server.
Jedi Covenant is full as well. PSTs will play on the ESTs PVE if they have no other choice.

Still the PVP servers haven't changed, east and west coast show HEAVY.

OK, Harbinger is back up.

Probably took 15 minutes for a total restart.

Begeren Colony went down to VERY HEAVY in just a few minutes. It's RP PST.

That's it, no more FULL servers. So much for watching, I'm going back in.

It's a fun game, give us room to play it.