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You're reading into something that isn't there, until of course such a tone is used in turn, I did NOT start bashing Revan, people came in with the 'Revan mastered this that and the other' when the canon suggests no such thing.

Seriously, you need to move on, whatever vendetta you have, get over it.
Before anyone else so much as mentioned Revan, Aurbere said this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Aurbere View Post
No movie characters huh? OK then. I don't really know where to place certain individuals. but I'm sure someone is going to have Revan at the top of their list
And then you jumped in with this...
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Revan when he was a Jedi Knight was nowhere near the Top 10, Darth Revan wasn't close either, and Reborn Revan isn't even a Jedi or a Sith any ways, so I really don't get why.
And then as people took exception to your millionth jab at Revan, you pulled your normal I know everything, my opinion is canon routine. And you wonder why people get annoyed. Yeah, it's a real mystery.