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Just to correct you, you need 2/2 in "Stagger" from the carnage tree to have an immobilize effect on force charge. And if you took your time to look at what other classes have to fight maras, instead of looking at what they DON'T HAVE I'm sure you'll find pvp more enjoyable. Just like every competetive game, you have to improve yourself instead of talking down on your opponent. I am sure if you start looking at what you, as an individual can do to fight the marauder staring right at you. He got one slow which is melee and consumes two rage, that's one GCD you will have to use on building rage again (this is from a carnage mara perspective) The same mara will also boast a 1 sec immobilization from force charge due to being carnage. That's one gap closer save stealth.

Just send me a PM of which class ya play, and I'll try to indulge you in some counters to maras. A one liner would be: Just kite the batsh*t out of them.
Yea... I play a sentinel too genius. Nd they are OP... Vastly. They tank better than tanks, have an escape, and do great dps. How about you send me a pm and i will re-explain ad nauseous how you ha e more tools than any other class to do just one job.
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