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Having a massive gear advantage at level 50- A-OK, part of the game, balanced, competitive, etc.....

Having a moderate gear advantage at level 49 which ironically is still less than the one aug WH have over recruits by a long shot- u r bad, l2p, broken, whine whine whine QQ

Newsflash- there's people who don't like gear grinds and don't have time to do them. I know, biggest shocker in the world. My level 25 sniper who is in greens just topped the damage of a WZ, getting 190k while the next had 130k- if I took someone in greens into level 50 pvp I'd die before I left the rez doors. I had a marauder match at level 38 just before, got 53 kills while the next person had 38- I did a third of my team's total damage.

Point is- gear is barely a factor in pre-50 pvp, and good players dominate bad players regardless of gear. Some people realize full well level 50 pvp is gear centric, has a considerably smaller TTK where you'll probably be CCed for most of it- and most importantly, almost every single thread about level 50 pvp on these forums that isn't by a marauder is talking about how much level 50 pvp sucks- not only that, SWTOR's endgame pvp is so bad it's considered the joke of the mmo community.

Sounds like you're just mad you're stuck at 50 hating pvp while other people are having fun pre-50.
You are completely wrong. A level 49 in full level 50 mods and augmented has around 16-17k morale where characters with moderate gear have 11-13k, and they can hit for upwards of 3-5k on a regular basis. Now in the under bracket, that's a quarter of someone's health. Gear plays a gigantic role in the sub 50 bracket, stop spreading false information.

I twinked myself on my assassin for a day or two for fun before getting owned again in the 50 bracket, I was hitting people for 3k and 2k chain shocks, mauls for 4500, and I even hit a sage for 5700 in a Civil War.