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11.23.2012 , 06:36 PM | #6
Honestly I hadn't noticed POT5 being so bad until just the last couple days. I figured it was the combo of the USA holiday, and the weekly. But, yeah, lately it's like 80% of the matches I'm in we get stomped. Like 3 capped in CW the entire game with not a chance of taking one back, or 0-6 HB matches that last 3 minutes. I mean, I know I'm not a great player so I don't expect to do well in ever match, but that's just ridiculous. I would think these imps would not be having much fun either... but, well, I know there are plenty of people who like the ego boost of an easy win.

I don't know if cross server would help, unless the population would give enough ranked WZ matches to give the premades something to do. Right now, I guess, they have kind of a legit reason to queue into normal WZ (if, in fact, they even need a "reason", they pay their own subscription after all)... I understand that they don't have much for ranked WZs - so they queue up for unranked. And they want to play with their own guild. I understand that side of things... it's just to bad that situation exists.