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Quote: Originally Posted by Danicony View Post
Just to correct you, you need 2/2 in "Stagger" from the carnage tree to have an immobilize effect on force charge..


Stagger adds 1 second to the root- there's a 2 second natural root on force charge all classes have.

How, HOW do all you marauders continue to defend your class by still saying your class doesn't have things they actually do? Every single prominent defender of maras has been doing this for months- and it's mind boggling how little they know of their own class's mechanics.

Obviously if you ignore half the things your class is able to do you can pretend it's a balanced class- but anyone who isn't stupid is looking at you guys and saying 'well, another marauder who's completely full of ********.'.

This is force charge, no talent bonuses.

- does a mild amount of damage
- 10-30m gap closer
- 2 second immobilize
- interrupts
- builds 3 rage
- 15 seconds CD

Wow that's a good ability- builds resource, immobilizes, interrupts, max range and on a 15 second CD? And it can be improved to top it off.

Stop trying to sell it though as this ability that doesn't immobilize, or is so long your enemy's have CC on shorter CDs, that the class doesn't have top notch mobility, or that other classes can 'just kite at 30 m so a mara can't leap to you'.

Every single thread on this topic has marauders saying the same wrong things- maybe the reason you guys feel mara are balanced is because you're all absolutely terrible? Oh, not maybe- that is the reason, and it's obvious when you can never get your own abilities right.