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11.23.2012 , 05:52 PM | #35
Only cause it never gets old...

Fatman server presents, real pvpers of genius.
'real pvpers of geniuuuus'

Today we salute you, mister really really really low level noob pwner.
'mister really really really low level noob pwner!'

Fully organized, you sit at the top level of your bracket and crush people who are still trying to decide which AC to take.
'don't pick commando'
You brag about your kills like a bunch of frat buddies who just got a cheerleader to come to your party, a cheerleader named Darthselenagomez.
'I swear I thought she was level 19, officer!'

You ripped expertise mods from enough weapons to fill every piece of gear, because no advantage is too great when you're facing someone who bought the game yesterday.
'who's the tough guy now?'
But wait, after level 49 it is over- the level 50 nooblets proclaim. Not to worry. You've found a way to beat the system by ducking out of the match like some kind of Houdini at the last moment.
'stick it to the maaaaaan!'

So crack open an ice cold shockfrozen water mister noob slayer, because your dedication to maximizing yourself against players who can't tell a guardian from a sage is why you put the win, in twink.
'mister really really really low level noob pwner....'
What we don't understand, we can make mean anything.
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