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11.23.2012 , 05:41 PM | #5
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Low level warzones is a complete joke on the republic side now, I have been playing hours and hours every day since the launch of this game, and this, since free to play is the worst ive seen when it comes to bad players so far.
Ive done around 60 warzones since free to play. just pugging and ive got now maybe 5-6 wins
when all these guys reaches 50 , if they do, im sure it will impact the republic 50 pvp in normal warzones very negativly.
I started an op healer instead of focusing on my commando healer because of this. I just can't carry an entire warzone on my own with a healer when people are dropping like flies due to improper gearing and poor skill. I can't even keep a single guardian/marauder alive by emptying my resource pool twice while he is unable to solo his opponent. I can actually do more dps than pure dps classes and get some 230-300k healing. It's just ridiculous when the average damage on rep side is 50k while the top 4-5 imps get 150-230k damage.