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11.23.2012 , 05:03 PM | #5
The suggestions you've made are needed ASAP, along with the damn paid transfer system that's never coming.

Problem I see is that, like the last guy somewhat said, they have given up on PvP (more or less). No class balancing (holy $h!t is it needed), resolve being worse than ever, only change since 1.2 in terms of pvp being a slight upgrade and a stupid color change to gear (not to mention, who doesn't love another gear grind!).

I, like many, held off and figured they would turn the game around. The cold, hard truth is that they don't have the slightest clue what they are doing. And now that most of the staff has been let go, they have less minds (if any of them actually have one to begin with) collaborating on their new projects. Instead of getting much needed changes, we got changes to the way that leaves look in the sunlight, b/c we all were so desperately asking for that.

There is a thread started by some dude in the Operative forums asking for an Allison Something-or-other (apparently the pvp community person) to simply answer the thread and post any plans for dos Operatives (concealment). I don't even go near the marauder forums, but apparently they get updates from the devs quite often, which appears they are getting catered to. Nothing has been said about anything concealment related since 1.2 hit, and that was back in April if memory serves me correctly.

Little rage coming out that last paragraph, but just reiterating that they do not care and do not have any clue how to fix the mess that is SWTOR. Yet these same people are still making a salary, which just annoys me even thinking about it.