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11.23.2012 , 04:45 PM | #63
Hi guys, not sure if i'm off topic or this thread went off topic... but.... this is the latest thread that has anything regarding dps for balance shadows.

I have recently changed to balance from infil and am loving the extra sustained dps atm..... (I am happy with my dps output atm, nps with balance pve dps output btw...) Wanting to max out my dps after lots of dummy testing, i seem to have hit my ceiling and was wondering if anyone out there knows how to squeeze out anymore dps from my beloved shadow?

Currently sustaining dummy parses on my ship, with buffs/stims but no adrenals or help from armor debuffs (guardian/commando etc...) around 1700-1750dps. I have seen posts and parses from people sustaining 1800+ and was wondering how this is achieved... I believe i have the rotation/priority down to an art but am still unable to sustain it up that high... I brought in a commando for a dummy run the other day and could sustain above 1800 but the posts i have been reading lead me to believe that there is a way to reach this without outside help/debuffs.

I am geared BIS (imo) or close to it, with all 61's but no 63's as of yet. Would adrenals account for the last 50 or so dps or is there something else?

Looking forward to maxing this guy out, any advice/tips would help.