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Dude!!! You have the best survivability in the game!!! You have more than tanks, in tank gear, in tank spec! You do t need it for survivability because your survivability is most of what makes you OP! Great I stun your one def cool down... So what you have 2 more and force camo...

No other class... Has that many def cooldowns... And they are free! Available to every spec! You sacrifice nothing to gain everything. That is OP. you want to keep your def cooldowns? Drop your dps 25%. That is fair. You want your insane dps, lose 2 def cooldowns. Right now... You have everything!!!

If you need those cooldowns to dps so do ops, mercs, dps sages, and EVERY tank class.
I don't think you've heard of the concept of variety. Take sorcs/sages, why would they need as many defensive cooldowns? I mean, it's not like they are supposed to jump head first into the enemy team.

The reason marauders got the defensive cooldowns they do is because it's an initially squishy class, that depends on its defensive CDs to be viable at all. And I'd say a lot of their defensive cds can be countered. How hard is it to gain distance between you and a mara? That would be ideal to shut down cloak of pain & undying rage. SWTOR pvp is all about knowing WHEN to use WHAT. People are only noticing how badly prepared they are to fight marauders now recently because of the patch that made rage management so easy, which in turn led to mass rage spec.

Basically, I am all for nerfing force smash/sweep, and upping the CD on force camo. But you in turn gotta remember, that maras doesnt have any real stuns, only stun they got is a rather counterproductive one, seeing as they stun themselves as well.