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ok,don't ask how I managed to go from Coruscant,through the spaceport thingy,and,not select either when I was supposed to,it happened .
So,I used a pass to go back,but,didn't see these options again in the top right corner of the screen,so wimped out and carried on to the capital.
A kind person, did tell me where in the game I should have gone to select one,but,I'm assuming that going back again,will still not trigger these options to re-appear.
I would rather not delete this character,and,start again from scratch.Does anyone know of a way to get these options back, or,will they get offered again, at a later point in the game perhaps.
I'm thinking I will have to delete ..........................
The trainer is Cassa Hun, he is located next to the jedi trainer on the fleet. If you are having trouble finding him, just open your map and toggle on trainer on the left side of the map.
I also think you should be able to open your advanced skills window by pressing "K" and that will allow you to choose your advanced class.
-What should I mentally prepare for as a new healer?
People thinking that you heal them out in spite of any **** they do!