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11.23.2012 , 03:51 PM | #1
Hey guys.

I havent played Swtor for a while (like everyone else that starts a thread=) Think it was in February or something....

Anyhow i was thinking of lvling 2 dps classes for mostly Pve but also some PvP. One ranged and one melee was the plan=) The thing is i dont want to play Marauder/Sentinel or Sniper/Gunslinger :P

And what i have heard and read theese are the best dps classes for melee and ranged, right? So thatīs why i am asking you my friends for some help. What would you recommend for classes other then thoose? I am not afraid for a challenge, learn and study the class to be good. But if the class is so totally broken that i cant do great damage even if im good at the class or got good gear etc, then i dont think i even care about that class =)

I would really appreciate some help. Thanks for your time and have a great weekend=)