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Not true, actually. If it weren't for the cost of Double Strike/Thrash, it would be the fastest way to generate HS/HD stacks since it finishes the cooldown on Project/Shock. The cost is the only prohibitive factor here, which is why the analysis becomes interesting.
Quite true, but in practice there is simply not enough force to take advantage of the reduced cooldown. The primary motivation for thrash-less rotation is the lack of force. I would be interested to see if there was a rotation that:

a) kept dark ward, discharge, and wither buffs present
b) allowed more than 1 shock every 6 seconds.

It may be that by delaying wither extra force can be used to get energized procs *and* actually have the force to take advantage of the reduced cooldown. At the moment I do not see this rotation being able to generate the same or similar hps.